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Small but Perfectly Formed INDEPTH | CULTURE

Small but Perfectly Formed

Set to speak at the Club this month, Princess Takamado discusses her love of netsuke craftsmanship and nature.

When British ceramicist Edmund de Waal published his acclaimed memoir The Hare with Amber Eyes in 2010, many readers around the world learned about netsuke for the first time.

Multicultural Support indepth | society

Multicultural Support

One Connections-supported nonprofit is helping immigrant children forge a new life in Japan.

Japan might cease to exist. That’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last May in a tweet about an issue that is rarely discussed by billionaires.

Striking the Right Note INDEPTH | MUSIC

Striking the Right Note

What does it take to forge a career in music? One trumpet-playing Member explains.

The sounds of Bart Howard’s “Fly Me to the Moon” soaring through the Winter Garden last December signaled more than just another edition of the regular Winter Garden Melodies events.

Peace, Quiet and Poses COMMUNITY | WELLNESS

Peace, Quiet and Poses

Member Katia Saito explains how Club yoga lessons have helped her find health and inner peace.

I wanted to change it all: fitness, school commitments, work style, daily routine, everything—especially fitness. I had felt this way for five years. I finally did so in 2019.

Learning for Life ADVERTORIAL

Learning for Life

Malvern College Tokyo to offer an education that nurtures the whole child.

A balanced and engaging curri­culum is a key element for ensuring that young learners develop and thrive in school, but there’s a set of skills that children need to acquire that are just as important as math or science.

Elevated Experience ADVERTORIAL

Elevated Experience

Club members reflect on their stays at Toranomon Hills Residential Tower.

Setting new standards for luxuriously tasteful serviced apartments is part of the Mori Building mystique, and nowhere is this more apparent than at the Toranomon Hills Residential Tower.

Life in the Luxury Lane ADVERTORIAL

Life in the Luxury Lane

A new supercar club in Chiba promises to push drivers to their limit and help them relax in luxury.

We call it takotsubo, the octopus pot,” says Hideto Yasuoka, pointing at a hairpin turn on the Magarigawa Club track.